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Here Are All The Photos From Kylie Jenner’s Crazy Hot 2017 Calendar


DAMMIT. I was this close, THIS CLOSE, to changing my opinion of Kylie Jenner and deciding she’s not all that, that she’s too fake, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, etc etc. But, nope, she comes out with maybe the hottest photoshoot of her life and now my world is flipped upside down. Do I want to find her Westworld-host-like manufactured-self attractive? No. In fact, I went on her website this weekend to buy my girlfriend some Christmas gifts (because she irrationally love Kylie Jenner), but once I saw her face plastered all over all her products, I refused to participate in that level or narcissism. But does that change the fact that I find her attractive? No, unfortunately, it does not. I’m still under the Kardashians’ voodoo curse and I still find Kylie Jenner to be crazy, other-worldly attractive.

Maybe one day I’ll break this curse. Today is clearly not that day.

Also, while we’re here, f*ck Terry Richardson (the photographer). Dude is a known perv yet all the most beautiful women in the world are still willing to strip for him. Puts my brain in a  f*cking pretzel.

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