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What We Learned When ‘The Tonight Show’ Met The Nintendo Switch.



While Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon got to experience Nintendo-ecstasy, the rest of us could only stare in a swirling blur of joy and envy as he giggly played two unreleased and heavily coveted Nintendo products: Super Mario Run and the Nintendo Switch. Not only did Fallon get to play the first Mario mobile game ever he got to sample the real, actual model of the Nintendo Switch. “The machine is here. Everything is here.” Fallon surely has been blessed by the Nintendo gods but we must thank him first because we did actually learn a few thing besides what it’s like to harbor eternal jealousy.

The Nintendo Switch is complete.



You heard the words from President of Nintendo of America himself, Reggie Fils-Aime. “The machine is here. Everything is here.” And there you have it. The Nintendo Switch is a finalized product so fans should expect zero chances of a release date delay. While The Nintendo Switch is sure to have some kind of hardware surprises let’s hope their conference stream next month is almost exclusively dedicated to gaming titles.

Minimum of Two Cables Required.



It looks like the Nintendo Switch’s dock will need to remain plugged-in while playing on the gamepad screen. The mere fact that the cable count is smaller than the Nintendo Wii is good news. IGN has speculated on the possibility of a usb-c port on the Switch gamepad so hopefully the dock has one too.

Lower Resolution on the Gamepad Screen.



Unless there were some focus issues with the camera, there was some serious drop in quality from the bright and beautifully saturated Breath of The Wild when the switch from big screen to gamepad was made. Although reports about the Nintendo Switch screen being 720p were coming out in handfuls since the launch of the trailer, the Tonight Show‘s brief live demo pretty much confirms it.

If you can’t handle the special treatment Fallon got from Nintendo you can get half of it at your  local Apple Store where demos of Super Mario Run should be available. Super Mario Run is scheduled to release December 15 on iPhone and iPad  while The Nintendo Switch will be featured during a special Nintendo stream on January 12.

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