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WATCH: Walter White Is Named Head Of The DEA On ‘SNL’, And He Promises To “Make America Cook Again”

walter white

(Screenshot via YouTube. Saturday Night Live)

With the hysteria over the election receding into the rear-view mirror, Saturday Night Live didn’t have as much political fodder to work with this week as it has most weeks this season. And without Alec Baldwin there to portray the president-elect, it looked like we were in for a forgettable cold open.

But then we got the wonderful news that Trump had chosen Walter White as the head of the DEA, and we were graced with an unexpected appearance from Heisenberg himself.

While some of the inside jokes may have gone over the heads of people who didn’t watch Breaking Bad, for the rest of us it was pure bliss. And seriously, if you didn’t watch Breaking Bad what the hell are you doing with your life? It was a brilliant way to both lampoon Trump’s questionable cabinet picks and remind everyone of Cranston’s comic chops ahead of the release of Why Him?.

It’s time to make America cook again, indeed.

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