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Two Ohio University Linemen Caught By Police While Trying To Run From Aggravated Robbery


Ohio University Aggravated Arrest

Two Ohio University players, Desmond Noel, 18, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Jacob Ready, 19, of Lakewood, Ohio, were arrested at midnight on Wednesday for aggravated robbery. Noel and Ready were arrested with another Ohio University student, Austin Allaby, 20, of Bethel, Connecticut, who is not a member of the football team. All three students have been charged with first-degree felonies for aggravated robbery.

Both Noel and Ready have been suspended indefinitely from the Ohio University Bobcats and won’t be allowed to travel to the Dollar General Bowl in Mobile, Alabama on December 23.

What Happened?

Around midnight, Athens Police Department officers were called to South Shafer Street to respond to a “group of suspicious males.” To be more specific, this group of suspicious males were four individuals who pulled up to an apartment complex wearing dark clothes and may or may not have been wearing bandanas over their faces. Three of these men walked into the apartment complex.

The three individuals came back out of the apartment complex while Athens PD was talking to the driver. According to Police Chief Tom Pyle, once the robbers saw the police they bolted immediately. The police knew that a crime had been committed and were able to catch Noel and Ready, both of whom were offensive linemen and probably pretty slow. A third suspect, known to police, hasn’t been apprehended yet. Maybe he played tight end or something.

Noel, Ready, and Allaby are being charged with aggravated robbery because one of them must have brandished a weapon at some time during the robbery. The three were arrested without incident.

Who Is Desmond Noel?

Desmond Noel is freshman football player for the Ohio University Bobcats. He plays on the offensive line.

Who Is Jacob Ready?

Jacob Ready is redshirt football player for the Ohio University Bobcats. He plays on the offensive line.

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