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Frances Rose McIver: 22 Hottest Photos Of The ‘iZombie’ Star

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Here is one hot zombie! Frances Rose McIver is changing zombie stereotypes as she stars in the CW’s critically acclaimed series iZombie. She’s showing the world that zombies can be smart, sexy, and solve serious crimes. She’s mostly a peace-loving zombie, but she’s really a killer when it comes to Instagram photos. Certainly not the cold zombies you’re used to on TV. She’ll knock you dead with her hotness.

Rose is a native of New Zealand and has been acting since she was literally a toddler. At the age of two, she appeared in commercials, and by age three, she secured a role in the film The Piano as an angel. Her career would then take flight on television shows in New Zealand, from dramas like Rude Awakenings to fantasy-based series such as Maddigan’s Quest. She’s appeared in two Disney TV films and made her big screen debut as an adult actress for Peter Jackson’s 2009 film The Lovely Bones. In 2014, she was cast to play Olivia “Liv” Moore in CW’s iZombie, where she plays a zombie taking a job in the city morgue to feed her brain habit. And by consuming the brains of murder victims, she recovers part of their personality as well as their memories, which helps her solve the murder. The police have no idea that the supposed “psychic consultant” is actually a full-blown zombie. I guess she’s too hot to pass off as a zombie. Rose McIver is incredibly beautiful and defies all that we think we know about zombies.

Look below to see 22 photos of Rose McIver, the world’s hottest zombie actor…

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