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Did PewDiePie Delete His YouTube Channel After Reaching 50 Million Subscribers?


Did PewDiePie Delete His YouTube channel?

YouTuber PewDiePie made headline news this week after he announced that he’d be deleting his YouTube channel after reaching 50 million subscribers. And guess what? On Friday, December 9, he did what no one has ever done in the history of the internet: he reached 50 million subscribers.

So as promised, PewDiePie went ahead and deleted his YouTube channel. There’s just one catch… It’s not the channel that everyone thought he was talking about. Instead, he deleted one of his other channels “Jacksepticeye2.” He revealed the prank on his newest video, released today. Watch it below.

JackSepticEye2 is a joke on the YouTube channel of one of his YouTube friends JackSepticEye. Even though the channel was pretty much a joke, it still reached well over a million subscribers, which has got to be pretty frustrating to people who don’t even have a thousand subs.

You’ll still be able to find PewDiePie’s content on his original YouTube page, although he swears that he’ll delete his PewDiePie YouTube page after reaching 100 million subscribers.

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