WATCH: Dominican Baseball Cheerleader Does Some World-Class Twerking

My español skills have rapidly deteriorated since my high school days, but I’m pretty sure the video below features a cheerleader for the Águilas Cibaeñas. They play in the Dominican Republic Winter League, and they sure know how to show their fans a good time.
That was spectacular. No wonder they love baseball so much over there! This is probably how Dominican Republic born superstars like David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, and Manny Ramirez first got hooked on the game. The influencing power of a gyrating booty cannot be overstated.
This is a foolproof way for the MLB to boost their dipping attendance figures too. You want to put asses in the seats? Put some shaking asses in your fans’ faces. It’s such an ingenious promotion that I’m shocked the late, great Bill Veeck didn’t come up with it first.
I also think we just found a great line of work for Winifer Fernández if her whole volleyball career doesn’t pan out.

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