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WATCH: Bryana Holly + Whipped Cream Is A Match Made In Heaven

Chris Applebaum's Instagram

Chris Applebaum’s Instagram

Chris Applebaum is back with another extraordinary series of Instagram videos of a gorgeous model eating food in absurdly sexy fashion. Below are some of my personal favorites in the greatest recurring segment in the history of the internet.

Now that you’re familiar with Applebaum’s mesmerizing work, it’s time to take a look at his newest offering. In the following three videos, Bryana Holly puts on a whipped cream eating performance for the ages.

Giving Bryana whipped cream was almost unfair, as everybody knows that delicious dessert topping is one of most sensual foods on the planet. It was a competitive advantage akin to tossing Babe Ruth a handful of steroids. I’d almost rather have seen Bryana try to work her magic with something mundane like a bowl of tomato soup.

I’m definitely not complaining, though. Whipped cream hasn’t gotten me so aroused since I saw that famous scene with Ali Larter in Varsity Blues. Pretty sure I instantly hit puberty on that fateful day.

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