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These ‘Me At The Start Of 2016 vs. Me At The End Of 2016’ Memes Are Genuine Gold


Will this be the final meme trend of 2016? In a year of the Angry Phelps Face, Kermit Sipping Tea, Evil Kermit, Damn Daniel, Ken Bone, Mr. Krabs, Spicy Boi, and all of the other patently outrageous internet trends, will this be the one to close out the shit storm that was 2016? I hope so because, in all honesty, these may be the strongest memes of the year. I spent a good 45 minutes straight crawling through Twitter laughing my ass off looking at these.

Whether it be the exhausting Presidential election, the dozens of celebrity deaths, the ISIS attacks overseas and domestically, and Zika and Brexit and even the death of f*cking Harambe, 2016 has been brutal enough to shake even the most optimistic of folk.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Neh — there are TWO lights at the end of the tunnel. The first is 2017: has there ever been a more anticipated year? I don’t think so. I’m hereby officially dubbing 2017 as “The Year of The Light at The End of The Tunnel”. Rolls right off the tongue.

The second light at the end of the tunnel are these glorious memes. Covering wide-ranging pop culture topics like Star Wars and American Horror Story¬†and Stranger Things, there is at least one ‘Me at the start of 2016 vs. Me at the end of 2016’ for everyone. Our favorite? Easily David Hasselhoff.

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