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Brandi “Eden” Rhodes, iMPACT! Wrestling: 22 Hottest Photos of Cody Rhodes’ Wife, Valet & Knockout

Brandi Rhodes hot photos


Brandi Rhodes was known as “Eden” during her time in WWE as one of the company’s sexiest ring announcers ever (sorry, Howard Finkle). Even when WWE gets boring or corny, just taking one glimpse at Eden can change someone’s mood. That’s how stunning she is. Now, she finds herself in the rival wrestling promotion: GFW, which stands for “Global Force Wrestling.” She’s joined by her husband Cody Rhodes, who simply goes by “Cody” nowadays. On October 28 of 2016, she finally made her in-ring debut in GFW (then known as TNA) as a professional wrestler. She tag teamed with her husband and won the match, but in the end, everyone was victorious to see Brandi in action.

Here’s a look at Brandi Rhodes wrestling Angelina Love on an episode of Xplosion from May 2017…

She is a goddess of mythical proportions. Her former name “Eden” was quite fitting, as her beauty is quite tempting and luring (like that apple tree in the ancient garden story I’m sure you’ve heard of). This hazel-eyed stunner is now showcased every week alongside her husband on GFW’s iMPACT! Wrestling. Haven’t heard of that brand of professional wrestling? You might just want to check it out to see Brandi (the show is on POP TV at 8 p.m. EST this Thursday, if you’re at all curious). But you don’t have to watch this wrestling program to see this hot knockout in all of her glory. Just look below to see her 22 hottest photos.

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