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WATCH: The First ‘Baywatch’ Trailer Has Reached The Shores of YouTube


Baywatch Trailer

The first official Baywatch trailer starring The Rock and Zac Effron just dropped. It’s not the greatest trailer we’ve ever seen, but it’s not the worst either (kind of close though). Honestly we weren’t expecting this movie to be a comedy (I don’t know what we were expecting, actually) but there’s definitely a possibility that Zac and the Rock could work well together.

As far as other surprises, it was nice to Charlotte McKinney for .5 seconds and Alexandra Daddario talk about her chest, but I gotta be honest when I say that the actress I’m most excited to see in Baywatch is Priyanka Chopra (of Quantico). Quantico is a low-key fun show and she’s definitely worthy of some Hollywood treatment.

Back to the trailer: someone commented on YouTube that this looks like the producers and directors are trying to make this the 23 Jump Street of lifeguards. I’d say that’s pretty much spot on, but I think I actually laughed out loud a couple times during 23 Jump Street. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen with Baywatch.

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