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A Free ‘Battlefield 1’ Update Is Coming & We’ve Got The Details

Battlefield 1


It’s happening. EA DICE is cranking out a new expansion for Battlefield 1 this month. Players who were thrilled with St. Quentin Scar can look forward to the upcoming map: Giant’s Shadow, which is based on the Battle of Selle of 1918. The battle involves British Forces pushing past the Hindenburg Line and into the open land of Northern France. While the Germans fought extensively to keep acclaimed territory they were eventually forced to retreat. The Battle of Selle took place during a period known as “The Last Hundred Days of World War I.”

In addition to a notable moment in history, the expansion is also rumored to contain the cinematic spectator mode that grants players a variance of perspectives for social media or strategic purposes. Other anticipated expansion details include bug fixes and the presence of the heavily armored “behemoth” vehicles. Another hopeful and more historically accurate rumor isĀ about the presence of operational boats. Let’s hope everything makes the cut when this free pack is released.

Here’s a video helping to describe the new changes:

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