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When Does ‘South Park’ Return? Season 21 Premiere Date


When Does South Park Return

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 was the Season 20 finale of South Park. With another excellent season under wraps, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have shown no signs of slowing down. Season 20 marked another season where South Park continued their episode-to-episode continuity, however, this time around the story arc was more linear in comparison to the past two seasons since the change.

When Does South Park Return/Start?

While no official premiere date has been announced just yet, many speculate that the premiere date may be in mid-September. Ever since South Park cut down the number of episodes in their seasons from 14 to 10, seasons have started to premiere in September. These past two seasons have each started sometime in mid-September so we can speculate that Season 21 may do the same.

In previous years South Park season premiere dates were the following:

South Park Season 17: September 25, 2013
South Park Season 18: September 24, 2014
South Park Season 19: September 16, 2015
South Park Season 20: September 14, 2016

Review Of South Park Season 20

This season of South Park was sure one to ‘member. With the election, internet trolling, and member berries as some of the driving forces behind this season, Matt Stone and Trey Parker weaved in many subplots into this season, integrating storylines like that of Heidi and Cartman and the Member Berries, which at times made it seem a bit jumbled, but still funny nonetheless. It was also great to see Gerald Broflovski’s character being cast into the spotlight as the internet troll skankhunt42, which produced some hilarious moments within this season. This season also showed that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are undoubtedly able to improvise on the fly, like in the episode “Oh Jeez,” which premiered after the 2016 election results. The creators assumed, like the rest of us, that Hillary Clinton was going to win and had to do a last-minute rewrite of the episode. Overall this season was still one of their best and we can see that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are really starting to hit their stride when it comes to creating the hilarity that ensues within South Park. We could all use some of those Member Berries as we wait for the next season.

South Park Season 21 Plot

When it comes to South Park nothing is certain except for the fact that they love to talk about the current events and trends that are going on. So, while we can’t expect what the plot will look like, we can assume that the episode-to-episode continuity will continue. As for what they will also mention, keep in mind that they will have a good chunk of material from whatever goes on during Trump’s presidency in the months leading up to the next premiere. Whatever goes on within our nation you can rest assure that South Park will find a way to satirize it and make us laugh all about it.

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