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Kat Dennings: Hottest Photos Of ‘2 Broke Girls’ Star

Kat Dennings photos


2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings looks amazing! In the show, she plays a girl who came from poverty, but her beauty is certainly rich and these picture prove it. She’s a quirky actress and way more than just the waitress next door.

Kat has graced the set of 2 Broke Girls since 2011 and has led the show to high ratings and a solid fanbase. Dennings is still only 30 years old and the sky is the limit for this stunning staple of quirky comedy. She began her career in an ad for potato chips, and now she stars on a hit CBS prime-time program. She has certainly come a long way in her career, and she has appeared in numerous films from The House Bunny to the Thor movies. She was homeschooled as a child but later graduated high school at only 14 years old. Her family then moved out to Los Angeles to help their daughter pursue her acting aspirations. Kat looks custom-made for success from the start: she’s super smart and she’s become super hot and pretty damn funny too!

What else do you need to know? Just look down below to see her hottest photos on the internet…


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