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This Theory About Why A 5-Star Alabama Recruit Is Visiting Auburn Is So Alabama I Can’t Get Over It


Alex Leatherwood Auburn Visit

Alex Leatherwood is a five-star offensive tackle who has committed to the University of Alabama for next fall. He’s from Pensacola, FL and he’s a 6’6″, 327-pound animal who will pancake anything and everything in his way. Long story short, he’s the perfect fit for the University of Alabama. So why has 247Sports confirmed that Leatherwood is going to make a visit to Auburn, their #1 enemy?

More than likely it’s because recruiting trips are f*cking amazing. The schools introduce you to college girls, take you to awesome parties, give you a tour of the facilities, etc. And since you’re allotted nine different trips within NCAA rules, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

Well, maybe it’s because Leatherwood has something a little more mischievous or diabolical up his sleeve…

According to the rabble rousers over on reddit’s /r/CFB, it’s because Leatherwood is visiting to try and steal recruits from Auburn. Apparently, this is a thing that Alabama’s been guilty of in the past. Remember Reuben Foster, the Auburn commit who got an Auburn tattoo on his arm, only to eventually switch commitments and go to Alabama? Or how about WR Preston Williams, who had committed to Tennessee but visited Auburn anyways? Williams’ story is a little less popular, but apparently, he was asked to leave his visit early because he was only wearing UT gear, and was acting as a serious distraction.

But seriously, this would be such a devious move from Alabama, I actually believe it. I can totally see Nick Saban telling Leatherwood to go and spy on Auburn in order to try and take their best recruits away from them. That’s the kind of cutthroat spycraft that helps Alabama stay Alabama.

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