WATCH: Stella Maxwell Pays Tribute To 'The Wolf of Wall Street' For 'LOVE' Magazine

For the sixth day of LOVE magazine’s Advent Calendar, they did another movie tribute. Back on December 2nd, we were treated to the sultry Irina Shayk reenacting the famous pottery scene from Ghost. That video was a goddamn masterpiece, so it’s not surprising that they went back to the well for more.

In the video below, Stella Maxwell transports us back to the 2013 monster hit, The Wolf of Wall Street. Watch Stella do her best impression of Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia) teasing Leonardo Dicaprio (Jordan Belfort).

Have mercy. Stella oozes sex appeal like nobody’s business. I guess the good folks at LOVE figured that everyone would be clamoring for more Stella after last night’s airing of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and they couldn’t have been more correct.
For comparison’s sake, here’s the original scene.

As amazing as the original was, I definitely think Stella did that scene justice. I also think that I could watch both of those videos back-to-back for the rest of time. Getting tortured has never looked like so much fun.
As a bonus for making it this far, here are Stella’s greatest hits and some more of LOVE magazine’s 2016 Advent Calendar.

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Sofia Richie Looks Good, Eh?
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