Emma Watson & Tom Hanks Have A Movie Together, So That’s A Win

Both of these two are in my esteemed top 10 favorite famous people, so I’m all in on this.

Adapted from Dave Eggers’ 2013 best-selling sci-fi novel of the same name, Mae Holland (Watson), a recent college grad, gets a job at The Circle, a tech company laden with organic snacks, ping-pong tables, and nerdy humor. But The Circle’s commitment to transparency—the company’s motto is “Secrets are Lies”—masks the ambitions of its founders (including Bailey, played by Tom Hanks) for a complete surveillance state. It’s up to Mae and her co-worker Kalden (John Boyega) to navigate just what the internet can do. John Boyega, Karen Gillan, and Patton Oswalt co-star in the film.

The Circle hits theaters April 28, 2017. The Circle is produced by Gary Goetzman and Hanks for Playtone, Anthony Bregman for Likely Story and Ponsoldt.  The film was fully financed by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and is presented by Image Nation in association with Parkes-MacDonald Productions.

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