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LeBron James Is Yet Another Athlete Refusing To Sleep In A Building With Trump’s Name On It

LeBron James Trump Hotels

Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James and some other members of the Cleveland Cavaliers want to stay far away from anything associated with Donald Trump. After the Cavs face off against the Knicks this Wednesday night, LeBron James won’t be staying in the Trump SoHo hotel in lower Manhattan. James and some other members of the Cavs will look for another hotel to spend the night in the “city that never sleeps.” James and quite a few of his cohorts have made statements condemning and disavowing Trump. If they win an NBA championship again, these players plan to opt out of visiting the White House.

It looks like Lebron James and the Cavs won’t be the only NBA superstars to refuse stepping foot into a Trump hotel. has reported that at least three other teams will kill their deals with the orange-toned troll and stop sending their players to Trump-branded hotels. These teams are the Milwaukee Bucks, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Dallas Mavericks. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers still have a partnership with Trump’s SoHo hotel; some players will spend the night under the roof of Trump’s 42-story skyscraper. James and some of his fellow Cavs are pretty peeved at Trump.

James endorsed Hillary Clinton for president about a month before she was defeated by The Donald. And since the November 8th election, there have been plenty of Cavaliers who showed their displeasure at the outcome. One Cavs player named Richard Jefferson suggested on his Snapchat that many NBA players will try to get out of visiting Trump at the White House, claiming “schedule conflicts.” Many don’t want to share the same room as the guy, much less sleep in one of his luxury hotels.

Cleveland’s reserve guard Iman Shumpert also vowed that if the Cavs win a second consecutive season, he will not visit Trump’s White House. “I understand people’s stance on Trump,” said Shumpert. “I can’t get caught up in the racial, sexist bullsh*t he’s got going on. That’s his personal thing, ya dig? But I just don’t think he can make anything shake like that. He not finna start no civil war out here. I do think he’s crazy — straight-up. I think he did that stuff to get people to think he’s willing to shake it up. But did I vote for him? No. The other stuff that comes with him, I can’t get with. But now that he’s here, I’m not finna drag my feet. I gotta work here, at least until the off-season, if I wanna go get a crib in the islands.”

LeBron is also very displeased with Trump’s lewd “locker-room talk.” There was the infamous leaked audio tape of The Donald and reporter Billy Bush inside a bus, during which Trump brags about his ways with women, which some have called vulgar and harmful toward females. Trump obviously grabbed people the wrong way with this one. “What is locker room talk to me? It’s not what that guy said. We don’t disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker rooms. That never comes up,” James said in October. “I’ve got a mother-in-law, my mom, a wife, and a daughter and those conversations just don’t go on in our locker room.”

Clearly there are quite a few Cavs who are very vocal about their displeasure in regards to the United States President-elect Donald Trump. Now, three NBA teams are looking to end their business relationships with Trump-brand hotels. It looks like Trump’s trolling tactics is creating business for his competition. I guess that can be looked at as a positive. Maybe LeBron will check into a Hilton?

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