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Was It A Coincidence That Klay Thompson Went Off For 60 The Same Day A COED Writer Called Him A Narc?

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Yesterday afternoon Eric Italiano, my co-worker at COED, posted a scathing article accusing Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson of being a Narc.

klay narc

Just hours later Klay went off for a career-high 60 points in just 29 minutes before sitting out the fourth quarter during the Warriors rout of the Pacers.

Being called a Narc is a stinging accusation for any player in the NBA, a league in which Jay Williams estimates 80% of the players smoke marijuana. So I honestly can’t believe that it was a coincidence that Klay reached his absolute peak just hours after this article was published.

Here’s an excerpt of Eric’s article, which made the accusation that Klay was a Narc based on his comments about Steve Kerr’s admission to trying marijuana for medical reasons:

Now, Thompson is definitely one of the NBA’s most enigmatic stars. He’s a guy who looks like an alien, and nails threes like a robot. But Klay Thompson is definitely a bro on the down-low, as evidenced by his post-championship Las Vegas twerkfest and the time he casually swigged a beer during a postgame interview.

And while those comments do come off as somewhat Narc-like, Thompson himself was arrested for for marijuana possession back in March 2011 while he played for Washington State. So though you could argue that fact makes him a hypocrite, I’d bet that experience made him turn sour on weed and made him want to keep others from making the same mistake. While Eric’s article was obviously in jest, I bet if Klay read he defintely would not appreciate the Narc label.

So the question is did Klay read Eric’s COED article? Considering he’s right in our target demographic, a 26-year-old college-educated male with an interest in sports,  there’s certainly a chance he stumbled across it. Or, more likely, that someone in his circle passed it along. And if he did, that’s the type of accusation that could inspire a laid-back dude like Klay to go Incredible Hulk on the Indiana Pacers.

So basically, if your a Warriors fan trying to figure out how to bring out the best of the mercurial Klay Thompson, I think we’ve finally cracked the code.  Get my co-worker Eric Italiano to write more devastating hot takes about him during the NBA Finals this year, and you won’t have to worry blowing a 3-1 lead again.




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