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Christmas Gift Ideas For Her: Top 5 Best Gifts Under $100

Christmas gifts for her

Alex Wong/Getty Images

What’s up, fellas? I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’re in need of a little assistance in picking out a gift for the lady, right? Well, it’s a Christmas miracle because I am here to share my picks for the top five cheapest gifts under $100 for her! Even though us girls are sort of complicated, we are easy to shop for. Don’t ask me why this is, it’s just in the biological coding of what it takes to be a woman.

This is not my ideal wish list, per se. I mean the ideal gift would be for someone else to cover rent this month. It’s getting just a tad bit repetitive after two years, but that’s the price you pay (pun 100% intended) to be an independent woman.

BUT I can be your secret link to the world of what women want! Let’s get this Christmas party started…

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