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My High School Football Team Won The State Title With Two Absolutely Bonkers Plays



Fun fact: My high school, Wayne Hills, has now won nine state championships. When I was in high school we won like four straight championships. We’re super legit. Across town, there’s the shittier, albeit also relatively successful, Wayne Valley High School. Last night in the championship, North 1, Group 4 Wayne Hills played Wayne Valley in an all-time classic.

My Patriots were down but scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to come back and tie the game at 24, which then forced overtime before they beat Wayne Valley 31-24.

I don’t want to ruin any more, since it’s much more exciting to watch than to read:

Nuts, right? Gotta feel for the kid on Valley who fumbled. F*ck Valley for real, but I feel for that kid. Literally blew it for his whole squad. The win is even more astounding for Wayne Hills when you consider the context:

via Patch:

It is the first North 1, Group 4 championship for Wayne Demikoff as head coach of the program he inherited a few years ago after spending 15 season as defensive coordinator under Chris Olsen.

The Patriots were disqualified from the playoffs after Superintendent Mark Toback reported to the NJSIAA that the three Hayek brothers — Hunter, Tyler, and Jarron — were ineligible to play because they did not file a proper change of address form with the district. They were immediately suspended from all extracurricular activities.

The team was banned, but the district and parents appealed the decision and an administrative law judge placed a stay on the ban and suspensions, finding that the proper paperwork had been filed with the district. The Hayek brothers, and the team, were reinstated to the postseason.

Miracle finishes aren’t anything new for Wayne Hills. Check out how we won states my senior year. I was here and to this day it’s the most amazing sports play I’ve seen in my life:

And as is the tradition with all of my articles about my hometown, here are some of the best facts about Wayne, New Jersey:

  • Panthers tight end Greg Olsen went to high school there.
  • Queen Latifah’s mom lived there once.
  • The Toys “R” Us headquarters are there.
  • Remember the song “Stacy’s Mom”? Of course the f*ck you do, don’t lie to me. That band, Fountains of Wayne, took their name from a lawn ornament store there.
  • Hanz and Franz from Saturday Night Livonce opened a (fictional) gym here.
  • Our zip code is 07470, which is so sweet that it was once mentioned in an episode of Full House.
  • Ya know The Preakness Stakes, one of the three Triple Crown races? Yupp, named after an OG stable in Wayne.
  • We allegedly have the most malls-per-square-mile than anywhere else in the world.
  • A couple of scenes from The Sopranos was shot here. One at a sushi joint just up the road from my house.
  • And most importantly: George Washington, G-DUB, The Chosen One, The OG Brexit, The Founding Father and the first President of these God damn United States, resided in Dey Mansion during the American Revolutionary War (before the area was called Wayne, but that’s obvious because we weren’t even free from Britain yet. No one gave a sh*t what any of the towns were called). America.
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