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University of Akron Student Stabs, Kills His Roommate Over Late Night Fast Food


Kendall Scheid Arrest Information

Kendall Scheid, a University of Akron student, was arrested after allegedly killing and stabbing his roommate, Duncan Unternaher, because of an argument that stemmed over fast food. The attack happened around roughly 12:30 A.M. at the apartment in the 400 block of Grant Street.

Unternaher was also a student at the University of Akron and was a Phi Delta Theta brother. His fraternity and the University of Akron American Marketing Association both shared heartwarming images and thoughts on Duncan on Facebook. In fact, many believed Duncan was still alive at the time the messages were posted, so they also shared as a way of informing the community about the tragic situation.

Our thoughts are with Duncan Unternaher’s friends and family in this time of need.

What Happened?

Kendall Scheid and his friend/roommate Duncan Unternaher got into an argument during the late night hours of Saturday, December 3. According to Scheid’s statements to police, the argument was over fast food. It’s not known what kind of fast food they were arguing about or what specifically they were arguing over, but Scheid stabbed Unternaher in the chest with a knife.

After the stabbing, a third roommate called 911 and requested an ambulance for Unternaher. “They are in the bathroom,” the roommate told the 911 dispatcher. “He is keeping pressure on the wound, trying to keep him elevated [source].”

Unternaher was rushed to Akron City hospital where he was placed on heart and lung support. After battling for his life over a 36-hour period, Duncan was pronounced dead.

The University of Akron had this official statement:

The University of Akron community is deeply saddened by this tragedy. University officials, including UA President Matthew Wilson, have been with his family and friends since the incident became known. UA has offered its full support to the family and to his fellow students. Grief counselors are being made available to those who find themselves in need of those services.

Who Is Kendall Scheid?

Kendall is a 22-year-old student at the University of Akron. He was charged with felonious assault after stabbing (and subsequently killing) his friend and roommate, Duncan Unternaher.

This story is developing. Refresh for updates.

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