Lana, WWE: 22 Hottest Photos of Rusev’s Wife & Valet

“We want Lana! We want Lana!” This is a chant that is commonplace in the WWE. They’ll chant this if a match seems boring or if they notice “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev come out without his lovely wife by his side. Rusev is coming out to wrestle, but much of the audience (mostly guys) want to see Lana in all her glory. Lana is bait to the eyes of many men in the crowd, and they’ll make their desires known each Monday night when she comes out to speak and stand by her husband. For this thirsty crowd, it doesn’t matter that she’s married because she’s hot!

Lana may act like she’s a Russian villain in the vein of Rocky and Bullwinkle, but in reality, she’s an American through-and-through. Besides her role on television, she has also lent her talents to acting, singing, dancing, and modeling. She appeared in feature film musicals such as Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. She was also once signed to Ne-Yo’s record label back in 2009. Lana has only participated in a select few wrestling matches throughout her WWE career. But that doesn’t seem to matter to WWE’s fans. Her beauty shines through to them, making her one of WWE’s most popular performers as a result. She is just that sexy!

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