JoJo Offerman, WWE: 22 Hottest Photos of the WWE Ring Announcer, Interviewer & Diva

JoJo may be the curviest woman on WWE television. Don’t believe me? Just look for yourself! She first burst onto the scene of WWE in May 2013 as a cast member of Total Divas. Now, she finds herself on WWE Raw and pay per view events as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer. She has already been in the WWE for over three years, yet she is still very young at 24-years-old. Hopefully, she can stick around longer (for our sake). The sky sure is the limit for this sexy bombshell.
JoJo is a novice when it comes to in-ring competition. She’s only appeared in a few matches back in 2013 during the AJ Lee vs. Total Divas story-line. And even then, her in-ring participation was extremely limited (to say the least). But her beauty appears custom-made for the camera. So, I’m glad WWE kept her around anyway. Obviously, she wasn’t hired for her athleticism or wrestling skills. Also, on a side note, did you know she’s the daughter of retired Major League Baseball player José Offerman? I hope that bit of info didn’t ruin anything for you. Don’t worry: he won’t get mad if you peep these smokin’ photos of his gorgeous daughter. And if he does, sorry about that, pops!
Look below to see the 22 hottest photos of WWE’s JoJo…

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