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WATCH: Drunk Guy Gets Knocked Out For Getting In The Wrong Dude’s Face



A young man had a little too much liquid courage coursing through his veins, as he clearly picked the wrong dude to mess with. The man tried to tell the boozed up gentleman to get his hand out of his face, but he just wouldn’t listen. He would soon come to deeply regret that catastrophic decision.

Holy moly, what a devastating right hook. He got hit so hard his bald spot probably felt that one. I almost died of laughter watching him get dragged around like that. I’ve seen ventriloquist dummies with more control of their bodies.

With today being Friday, let this be a lesson to all of you party animals out there. Please drink responsibly, as having beer muscles has been known to backfire terribly. Laying unconscious on a sidewalk with your pants down is no way to go through life.



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