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Accused Drug Dealer Arrested In Very Applicable Shirt

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

Timothy Williams is a 31-year-old enterprising business man from Arkansas. The only problem with Williams’ business ventures is that they are spectacularly illegal. Back in September, the Union County Sheriff’s Office got intel that Williams was slinging drugs, so they raided his house and found lots of incriminating evidence.

Via The Smoking Gun:

Williams, already on probation, was taken into custody as agents raided the residence in El Dorado, a city about 15 miles north of the Arkansas/Louisiana state line.

According to court records, the search of Williams’s home yielded methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana, digital scales, packaging material, and two used syringes.

Williams was arrested on several felony narcotics charges. Since he is classified as a habitual criminal due to multiple prior felony convictions, Williams could face decades in state prison if convicted on the new counts.

It’s definitely not a good look when the police find a ton of drugs at your home, and to top it off, you’re wearing a shirt saying that you have drugs. It kind of throws your whole, “The drugs weren’t mine. I was just holding them for a friend.” excuse out of the window. But then again, just because you’re wearing a t-shirt advertising something doesn’t mean that it’s true. Hell, I bet the opposite was actually the case for everybody that used to wear those “Big Johnson” shirts back in the day.

Even though everything blew up in Williams’ face, I still don’t hate his t-shirt choice. It’s 2016, for crying out loud. If you’re not trying to build your #brand, you’re a dead man in this marketplace. You gotta try to extend your reach by any means necessary.

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