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Meet Tokido, One of the “Five Gods” Competing For the Street Fighter V Capcom Cup

Tokido Capcom Street Fighter


It does not seem like it was very long ago that competitive e-sports were the subject of much ridicule. Many saw them as a waste of time and something that only Starcraft nerds and lonely Korean teenagers took part in. In 2016, however, e-sports have begun to emerge as some of the fastest growing competitive outlets. Along with the growth of the sports comes the rising of the stars themselves.

Enter Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi. Hailed as one of the “Five Gods” of Street Fighter, and competing in the Capcom Cup December 2-3, Taniguchi hopes to overcome the Korean point leader Seonwoo “RZR|Infiltration” Lee in the upcoming event and walk away with the gold. Having placed in the top three spots in nine out of the eleven Capcom World Tour competitions he competed in this year, Taniguchi goes into the tournament with a second place standing.

Who is Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi?

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Taniguchi has had an obsession with fighting games since the 1990s. Beginning with The King of Fighters ’94  and then moving on to Street Fighter 2, he has always had a knack for fighting games. Taniguchi has been competitively playing the various games in the Street Fighter series since 2011, but in 2014 he also found some success playing King of Fighters XIII.

Taniguchi has earned a reputation as an innovator in play-style within the Street Fighter V circuit as well. He played as the character Akuma, who was not seen as a viable competitive option until he introduced the “Tokido Vortex,” a technique named after his gaming handle. Even one of his greatest rivals “RB|Daigo” once revealed that he had “tried copying Tokido, but I was unable to do it.” Taniguchi went on to change his play-style in 2016, which has brought him even more success in this year’s tour.

Taniguchi is also known to be the undisputed king of trash talk at competitions. It is not out of character for him to taunt players by performing his character’s poses before or after a round or walking away from his controller during a finishing move. Just this week he was seen boasting on Instagram “I will definitely win Capcom Cup, try your best to come and fight me, then become the rust of my sword.”

What Happened?

“Tokido” Taniguchi will be competing at this year’s Capcom Cup, an event in which 32 of the world’s best Street Fight V players will battle it out at for some serious cash prizes and titles. The annual tournaments in Santa Ana and Anaheim, California will be conducted over the course of two days.

According to E-Sports Earnings, Taniguchi has won roughly $95,000 in prize money from the 47 competitions he has contended in, although that figure does not include money earned from his Madcatz sponsorship from 2011-2016. At the Capcom Cup, he stands to earn $120,000, which would more than double his lifetime competitive earnings.

Can Hajime ‘Tokido’ Taniguchi triumph and reign victorious in the Capcom Cup? Find out December 2-3 at

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