Chick Who Gets Away With Being Borderline Racist Because She’s Hot Went On ‘The Daily Show’ To Defend Herself

Tomi Lahren is a difficult character to decipher. She pops up on your Facebook feed via a share from one of your Trump friends, screaming at the camera as if she’s the one who’s been consistently wronged in her life. Yes, while her viewpoints are certainly within the realm of reason, it’s her delivery that dilutes her message. As Trevor Noah points out, she’s known for being angry, so when she says she is not angry, it’s preposterous. But Noah gives her a master class in getting a message across. While Lahren tenses up and raises her voice, Noah is able to take a deep breathe and keep his tone under control. He comes off as more reasonable, and therefore, more correct. I just think if Lahren were to tone down her rhetoric a bit and stop condescendingly yelling at everyone she disagrees with, she’d receive more of the fame she clearly deserves.

Because I will say this, the chick hustles. She got put on television straight out of college. She’s 24, a mere year older than I, and she already has brought national attention to her name. Can’t knock the hustle in that regard. She’s intelligent, she’s outspoken, she’s clearly hot, and is going to be in news media for a while. It’s only a matter of time before she’s hired by Fox News, right?

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