LISTEN: Childish Gambino, ‘Awaken My Love!’ Leaked Album

Childish Gambino’s new album Awaken, My Love! was supposed to release on December 2, but apparently, the album has leaked a day or two early. As of now, it seems like the iTunes version of Awaken, My Love! is live, but it’s not yet live on Spotify.

That being said, there a few different places you can find a leaked version of the album if you’re into that kind of thing.

Early reviews and listeners report that the album has a serious, serious ode to Funkadelic, by the Parliament Funkadelic.

Stream Awaken, My Love

Me And Your Mama – Listen
Have Some Love – Listen
Boogieman – Listen
Zombies – Listen
Riot – Listen
Redbone – Listen
California – Listen
Terrified – Listen
Baby Boy – Listen
The Night Me And Your Mama Met – Listen
Stand Tall – Listen

Awaken, My Love! Track List

1. Me and Your Mama
2.Have Some Love
3. Boogieman
4. Zombies
5. Riot
6. Redbone
7. California
8. Terrified
9. Baby boy
10. The Night Me And Your Momma Met
11. Stand Tall

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