Capcom Cup 2016 Prize Pool: 32 Best Street Fighter Players Battle It Out For the Big Bucks

Competitive gaming just got serious! 32 of the world’s best Street Fight V players will battle it out at CapCom Cup 2016 for some serious cash prizes and potential pwnage. The annual tournaments in Santa Ana and Anaheim, California will be conducted over the course of two days. Whoever wins will be walking out with a smile and a whole lot of money ($$$$)! Each prize will be different. But how much will each prize give out?

A whopping $350,000 will be on the line during CapCom Cup 2016. But this big number will have to be split up: $205,000 to be divided among the competitors. Plus there’s a bonus of $100,000 taken from downloadable content sales (30% of this revenue goes to the prize pool, while 50% will go to production costs tied with CapCom Cup tour, and 20% will go to Sony).

The first place winner will receive: $120,000, that person will be crowned Street Fighter V champion, and they will receive an unspecified DLC bonus.

The second place winner will receive: $60,000 and an unspecified DLC bonus.

And finally, the third place winner will receive: $25,000 and an unspecified DLC bonus.

That’s a pretty huge prize pool. CapCom Cup 2016 begins on December 2 and December 3. But before the event, there’s a double elimination bracket tournament to decide which players are worthy enough to enter the competition and fight for the big bucks. On these two days in December, we have 32 of the best video game prize-fighters in the world. Seon-woo Lee (a.k.a. Infiltration) is one of the best in the world when it comes to the game Street Fighter V. The most he’s ever taken home was $50,000 from EVO 2016. But now, I’m sure he’s looking towards the top spot and that $120,000 prize. Tokido, another dominant player, earned his biggest prize of $12,000 from CEO (Computer Effort Orlando) 2016. And now, Tokido is looking to make 10 times that amount at CapCom 2016.

This tournament officially kicks off at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time on December 2nd. Each contest will be a best of five showdown. Day two begins at 6:30 P.M. P.T., meanwhile the closing ceremony is set at 10 at night in Anaheim, California.

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