Best Xbox One Games: Top 5 Best New Games Coming Out In December 2016

Xbox One owners have a hotly anticipated exclusive to look forward to as 2016 comes to a close. Dead Rising 4 follows up the memorable Xbox One launch title, adding even more weaponry and swarms of zombies to hack through. If you’d prefer to carve up the slopes rather than undead flesh, the ski game Steep beckons. A pair of arcade-style guilty pleasures — Big Buck Hunter Elk Edition and Monster Jam! Crush It — look to bring visceral thrills. And tactical action heats up in the form of The Dwarves.

Here’s a look at the best Xbox One games coming out in December:

5. The Dwarves

Publisher: EuroVideo Medien
Developer: KING Art
Release date: December 1

The tactical RPG puts you in control of a colony of dwarves who band together to fend off an onslaught of mystical beasts. You choose the best weapons to fend off each wave, build structures that will give you the strategic advantage and harvest resources you can use on upgrades. The visual style and music figure to be strong points.

PRE-ORDER: The Dwarves here

4. Big Buck Hunter Arcade: Elk Adventure

Publisher: GameMill Entertainment
Developer: GameMill Entertainment
Release date: December 23

Most of your experience with Big Buck Hunter is probably at dive bar arcade machines, but GameMill has brought to consoles. You stalk your way through the forest to stalk and take down the biggest elk you can find. You can play the game with standard controls or opt for the realism of the shotgun-style peripheral.

PRE-ORDER: Big Buck Hunter Arcade here

3. Monster Jam Crush It! Crash Mode Pack

Publisher: GameMill Entertainment
Developer: GameMill Entertainment
Release date: December 23

You may have hit up one of the monster truck-filled arena shows that reverse the country. The game adaptation puts you behind the wheel of your own rig, which you can use to romp, race and overpower fools in a variety of skill challenges. Monster truck games are a rarity, so here’s hoping GameMill manages to crush it.

PRE-ORDER: Monster Jam Crush It! here

2. Steep

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Release date: December 2

Although the times when snowboarding and skiing games dominated dorm rooms have long since passed, there’s still plenty of potential for a Take to the slopes and carve out a trick-filled winner. Ubisoft steps up with this gritty take on the extreme winter sports genre, pitting you against diabolical layouts that you can carve up and own.

PRE-ORDER: Steep here

1. Dead Rising 4

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Release date: December 6

Since the release of the first game, the comedic zombie-slaying franchise Dead Rising has always leaned toward Xbox loyalty. The fourth mainline entry brings back protagonist Frank West, who is now a grizzled, middle-aged man who reluctantly trudges back into the fray when the undead apocalypse knocks once again. Look to craft weapons on the fly that chop up your creepy tormentors.

PRE-ORDER: Dead Rising 4 here



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