Best PS4 Games: Top 5 Best New Games Coming Out In December 2016

In an even that seems too good to be true for longtime PlayStation fans, the long-awaited The Last Guardian is finally dropping this month. A giant, friendly beast named Trico is your sidekick, helping you solve puzzles and take down enemies. Also tempting PS4 players is the extreme winter sports rager Steep, the perspective-flipping dynamo Gravity Rush 2 and the VR-friendly part game Werewolves Within.

Here’s a look at the best PS4 games coming out in December:

5. The Dwarves

Publisher: EuroVideo Medien
Developer: KING Art
Release date: December 1

Taking on armies of orcs in tactical, real-time battles, you maneuver your soldiers to set up traps and choke points in order to dispatch the fiends. It’s up to you whether to head off your enemy by charging ahead to meet them before they get their momentum going, or hang back, shore up your defenses and fight with your backs against the wall.

PRE-ORDER: The Dwarves here

4. Werewolves Within

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Release date: December 6

Designed for PlayStation VR, this party game assigns roles at random to players who lock heads in games of wit and skill. The overarching goal is to decide, Clue style, which character is the villain in disguise who is trying to deceive and exploit the rest of the group.

PRE-ORDER: Werewolves Within here

3. Steep

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Release date: December 2

Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, hang gliding or taking to the skies via wingsuit, Steep pits you against one towering mountain slope after another. You race and pull off amazing jumps and tricks, capturing your best stuff to share to other players while also checking out their best work for inspiration. With loads to see and do, this is a game that could keep you busy until summer.

PRE-ORDER: Steep here

2. Gravity Rush 2

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Project Siren
Release date: December 2

The original platformer was an under-the-radar hit on the sadly underutilized PS Vita handheld. The port found similar success on the PS4, and now a full-blown sequel looks to take advantage of all the horsepower the console has to offer. You race through constantly shifting landscapes, leaping from one twisting platform to another while trying to keep your head straight as your point of view shifts sideways, upside down and back again.

PRE-ORDER: Gravity Rush 2 here

1. The Last Guardian

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: genDESIGN
Release date: December 6

A spiritual successor to the PS3 stalwarts Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, this game has survived a tortured development cycle that has lasted nearly a decade and seen it evolve from a late-cycle PS3 game to a recalibrated PS4 entry. You befriend a giant beast named Trico, coaxing him to help you out as you work your way through breathtaking environments and face down imposing beasts. Few games are as highly anticipated as this system exclusive, which could make or break the PS4’s momentum.

PRE-ORDER: The Last Guardian here



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