Best PC Games: Top 5 Best New Games Coming Out In December 2016

PC gamers have a pair of big-budget, hotly anticipated games to look forward to as the year closes out. At the top of the list is the zombie-slaying adventure Dead Rising 4, which releases jointly on Xbox One and Windows. Those looking to tear things up on the slopes can check out Steep, which brings extreme winter sports to the forefront. Those in the mood for indie fare are also in luck, with the likes of The Journey: Bob’s Story, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Lockdown: Stand Alone knocking on the door.

Here’s a look at the best PC games coming out in December:

5. The Journey: Bob’s Story

Publisher: Tomas Gonzalez
Developer: Tomas Gonzalez
Release date: December 23

Gear up with dozens of different weapons to take on a bloodthirsty enemy looking to take you out at any moment. Geared for VR consoles that hook up to PCs, this first-person shooter throws you directly into the fray. Either standing up or sitting down, you lurk through maps and take out enemies systematically while always having to watch your back.

PRE-ORDER: The Journey: Bob’s Story here

4. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Developer: Mimimi Productions
Release date: December 6

This stealth title puts you in control of a team of samurai — each who excels in a different specialty — as you maneuver through tight chambers and drop from rooftops to surprise and take down the enemy. Action flows with rapid fluidity, forcing you to adjust on the fly to stay a step ahead of your adversaries.

PRE-ORDER: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun here

3. Lockdown: Stand Alone

Publisher: Viversion Ltd.
Developer: Viversion Ltd.
Release date: December 16

Another VR entry, Lockdown sets you free in a staggeringly detailed open world, tasking you to scramble to put together an arsenal of shotguns, projectiles and rocket launchers. You have the option to play either standing or sitting, losing yourself in the deep, vibrant world of vigorous conflict.

PRE-ORDER: Lockdown: Stand Alone here

2. Steep

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Release date: December 2

Using skis, snowboards, wingsuits and hang gliders, you globe-hop from one awe-inspiring mountain to another, looking to pull off remarkable tricks and get new gear to upgrade your capabilities. You can record and share everything you do, as well as download and admire the insane feats of others.

PRE-ORDER: Steep here

1. Dead Rising 4

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Release date: December 6

Fan-favorite protagonist Frank West is back, this time as a middle-aged burnout who is called out of zombie-slaying retirement when the undead curse strikes again and he is needed most. Improbable numbers of marauding beasts fill the screen as you pick up and modify everyday objects that become weapons in your deadly hands.

PRE-ORDER: Steep here



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