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WATCH: Tiffany Keller Makes A Damn Mess Eating A Mango

Chris Applebaum's Instagram

Chris Applebaum’s Instagram

Chris Applebaum is churning out videos of models sensually chowing down on food at a rapid pace, and I still can’t get enough of them. I feel like I’m in that episode of I Love Lucy where she’s working at the chocolate factory trying to keep up with all of these erotic clips. It may be overwhelming at times, but that is a damn good problem to have.

InĀ Applebaum’s latest series of Instagram videos, the beautiful Tiffany Keller enjoyed a tasty mango.

What Tiffany lacks in table manners, she more than makes up for in sexiness. That was one extremely juicy piece of fruit, and I am forever grateful for the farmer that produced it. Talk about being ripe for the picking.

Be sure to follow Applebaum and Tiffany on Instagram, and since you’re already here, you might as well check out some of Tiffany’s recent hits on the social media platform.

(h/t Maxim)

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