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WATCH: Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro Are Back In New Burger King Commercial

Consequence of Sound/Burger King

Consequence of Sound/Burger King

Burger King is bringing back their delicious Cheesy Tots for a limited time, and what better way to announce their return than with a commercial featuring Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. I’m not sure about Pedro, but we all remember that Napoleon was a tot connoisseur.

Watch everyone’s favorite dynamic duo reunite in Burger King’s new commercial.

That was pretty damn cool. Much better than the Subway ad they did a couple of years ago.

On a semi-serious note, it was awesome to see Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez as Napoleon and Pedro once again. I’d sign up for a Napoleon Dynamite sequel in a heartbeat, and I’m almost positive they would as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ramirez in another movie, and I haven’t seen Heder in anything since his cringeworthy performance in Blades of Glory. They were born to play those lovable weirdos.

I heard that Burger King also wanted to get Kip and Uncle Rico in the commercial, but they were too busy feasting on steaks from the comfort of their porch. It’s tough to compete with high-class living like that.

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