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WATCH: Couple Passionately Makes Out Behind Bench During Blackhawks Game

Sarah Lauch's Twitter

Sarah Lauch’s Twitter

During last night’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers, a couple got so turned on by the on-ice action that they put on an aggressive public display of affection. Watch the two lovebirds play tonsil hockey in the video below.

Beautiful stuff. I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t go for an over-the-shirt boob grab, though. When I saw that left hand moving, it looked like shit was about to really pick up. Thought we might even progress into a two-minute minor for high-sticking.

Let this be a lesson to all of the guys out there too. Forget oysters and chocolate covered strawberries, the real aphrodisiac is hockey. Nothing puts women in the mood like watching toothless men try to murder each other. #FactsOnly

And in the lock of the century, the Blackhawks pulled out a 2-1 shootout victory over the Panthers. They were obviously inspired by that passionate make out session, as it was the best hockey motivating tool since Herb Brooks’ speech in Miracle.

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