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Budweiser Sent Us A Hockey Red Light & It’s The Greatest Thing I Never Knew I Needed


Budweiser sent us these awesome Red Lights that go off every time your NHL team scores and let me tell you, they are the greatest things I never knew I needed.

I live with two other guys, one from Boston and one from Philly. Including me, that’s a New Yorker, a Boston guy, and a Philly bro, which is essentially the trifecta of East Coast sports towns. So you bet your ass that whenever one of our teams scores and the Red Light goes off, we’re running to the living room to find out which one of our teams is putting in work.

But how does it work? First, you have to download the Budweiser Red Light App for either iOS or Android. Then all you have to do is sync the app with your favorite cities and teams and the light will light up anytime they score. Point being, it’s a must-have for any hockey fan, especially when you’re a hockey fan like me living with two dudes from rival cities.

Get your own Budweiser Red Light Here!

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