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WATCH: Bryant University Player Dribbles Out Clock With Team Losing

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Last night, the Bryant Bulldogs lost in heartbreaking fashion┬áto the Brown Bears 91-90. But this wasn’t your typical one-point defeat, as there were two lead changes in the last 11.3 seconds and a Bryant player made a spectacularly foolish blunder.

Here’s how the last 15.6 seconds played out.

The player with the awareness of a Gatorade cooler is Ikenna Ndugba. I know everything’s gotta be moving super fast out there, but how in the hell can you not realize you’re losing in a situation like that? Basketball scoring involves adding ones, twos, and threes, so it’s not exactly rocket science.

I love how Ndugba even went for the celebratory high five after the buzzer sounded. What a jabroni. His teammate probably wanted to chokeslam him through the scorers table.

As entertaining as that was, Roscoe Smith is still the GOAT when it comes to bad clock management in college basketball. His ill-advised full court heave gets me every time.

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