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Here Are The Top 5 Plays From Russell Westbrook’s Career Because Why Not

Russell Westbrook Video Highlights

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Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook has been a human highlight reel since he entered the NBA back in 2008. He’s easily the most athletic point guard in the league’s history and has been one of the most exciting athletes I have ever watched. No longer Kevin Durant’s running mate, Westbrook is now the main guy in Oklahoma City and can add even more highlights to his already jam-packed career reel. With him being such a big name in the NBA nowadays, here are the five best plays (in my opinion) that Westbrook has made in his career thus far, though I’m sure it will change now that the Thunder are his team:

1. Game Winner vs. Warriors

I’m a big sucker for winning shots, but this was just awesome. The degree of difficulty was probably a 12 out of 10, and he also did it against one of the better teams in the NBA that year. To me, this was the most impressive play of Westbrook’s career (up to this point).

2. Buzzer Beater vs. Magic

I was pretty close to making this his top play, but because it wasn’t the game winner, it got bumped down to the number two spot. A near half-court shot at the buzzer is highly impressive, but with how little time he had left on the clock made it even more special. Just an incredible play all around.

3. Dunk vs. Warriors

I don’t have anything against the Warriors, it’s just that some of Westbrook’s best plays happen to have come against them. This is the type of play that really shows off his athleticism. I mean come on, look at how fast he gets down the court and where he takes off from to land this high-flying dunk. Grown men shouldn’t be allowed to be this athletic.

4. Dunk vs. Bulls

This dunk was just straight nasty. Poor Omar Asik stood literally a negative chance at stopping Westbrook here, and unfortunately for him he got posterized in a big way. This was just an absolutely filthy dunk, one of many in Westbrook’s career.

5. Dunk vs. Kings

A lot can be said about the pass made by Kevin Durant on this play, which was great by the way, but my God look at how high Westbrook gets up! The man can literally fly! Many people have complained about Lebron James never participating in the Slam Dunk Contest, but I think it’s a bigger shame that Westbrook never once took part in it.

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