Mindy From University Of Buffalo Might Be The Hottest, Curviest Future Doctor Ever

Instagram user @MindySttnprty is one of the more attractive medical students we’ve ever seen. And although we can’t be sure of her real name, we do know that she’s a University of Buffalo medical student and that she’s 100% the curviest doctor in the whole world. We also know that we’re not the only ones who feel this way because currently she’s sitting at 109K followers and that number is rising fast.

It’s inherently obvious that she’s got a booty for days (hard work pays off) but she’s also extremely pretty. On top of all of that, she’s not just some Instagram model, this chick is actually making something of her life. That being said, since we don’t live in Buffalo we’re more likely to enjoy her pictures than her work as a doctor.

Check out her best photos below.

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