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WATCH: Bully Gets Dropped By A Vicious Left Hook

mexolini's LiveLeak

mexolini’s LiveLeak

I don’t have any context on this video, except that a bully got knocked into Bolivian for picking on another kid. The bully shoved and kicked him, decisions that he would come to immediately regret. Watch the deeply satisfying fight video below, as this bully clearly picked the wrong kid to mess with.

What a savage left hook. It sounded like a goddamn racket connecting soundly with a tennis ball. That was the best bully knockout I’ve seen since George McFly dropped Biff Tannen at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

That kid won’t be bullying or eating solid food for a while. This is the face of an utterly confused and vanquished foe.

mexolini's LiveLeak

mexolini’s LiveLeak

He cannot believe his reign of terror came to such an abrupt end. His barber probably made the same puzzled face when he asked for that haircut too.

Because it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, here are a couple more entertaining fight videos to help you deal with the struggle of trying to be productive.

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