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Why Has It Taken Everyone So Long To Realize ‘The Walking Dead’ Absolutely Blows?


You ever hear the term ‘sheeple’? Half sheep, half person? A sheeple is defined as “people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.” Most people are sheeple: they’re going to follow along and agree with what everyone else says. It’s because of sheeple that The Walking Dead has made it this far, and it’s because of sheeple that the show will fall apart. The Walking Dead has been considered a good show for so long because everyone else has said it’s a good show. Now that people are starting to go cold to the frankly offensive repetition of TWD, everyone else will follow suit. But my question is this: what the hell took so long? The Walking Dead has always sucked.

If you give The Walking Dead a quick Google search, these are some of the results you’ll find:

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People are attributing the slip in ratings to a couple of things. ‘The show is in its seventh season, it’s natural erosion’ or ‘all people wanted to see was who died in the season premiere’ or ‘Negan just isn’t a compelling villain.’ While all of those are true, they are not the reason that TWD‘s popularity has been falling. The reason is because The Walking Dead BLOWS, and always has, but it’s just now that people are noticing.

I used to watch The Walking Dead, but I bailed after they killed the guy with the eye patch, which was like season three. Even then, the show’s formula was painfully clear: group searches for new home, group finds new home, group gets comfortable, villian shows up, group gets uprooted from home, someone dies, group defeats villain. They’ve been doing it ever since, and people are finally starting to catch on. Hopefully the sheeple fall in line and get the show canceled once and for all.

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