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Recap Of The Horrific Ohio State University Attack & Stabbing


Ohio State University Shooting

An active shooter was reported on the Ohio State University campus by the school’s emergency broadcast system just before 10:00 A.M. The active shooter alert was for the area near Watts Hall, on 19th and College. It’s the northern part of OSU’s campus. First responders arrived on the scene immediately, but students were urged to take shelter in place. After a few hours, it was learned that the attack was by a person who used a car and a butcher knife, and that the gunshots were Ohio State police officers who shot the suspect.

“Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College,” OSU Emergency Management tweeted.

“Run. Hide. Fight” is the order in which you should try and save yourself. Running gives you the best opportunity, but if you can’t then you hide. Only after those two options are impossible should you try and fight for your life.

Update: 10:25 A.M.: One suspect is in custody, now confirmed to be dead.

Update 10:28 A.M.: There’s possibly a second shooter, so students are still urged to take shelter in place.

Update 10:39 A.M.: It’s now been confirmed that police are looking for a second shooter. That suspect was last seen near the garage near Lane and Tuttle.

Update: 10:44 A.M.: Police are looking for a black male, light skinned, aged 20-years-old with short hair.

Update: 10:56 A.M.: We’re also seeing multiple reports involving stabbings and slashings. You can read more on those attacks below.

Update: 11:05 A.M.: The second suspect/shooter is believed to be holed up at the Lane Avenue garage. The area is surrounded.

Update: 11:20 A.M.: Two suspects hiding in the garage have been arrested and taken into custody. No word yet if they’re the shooters. It would appear that the police are bringing witnesses to the two in custody to see if they can identify the shooters. SWAT are still outside the garage.

Update: 11:30 A.M.: All classes have been canceled for the day.

Update: 11:37 A.M.: The shelter in place notice has been removed.

Update 1:16 P.M.: Ohio State University police have now confirmed that there was only one attacker.

Update 1:42 P.M.: It is now being reported that the attacker is an 18-year-old Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan who was a student at Ohio State. There is no known motive for what might have caused him to do this.

What Happened?

The exact details aren’t yet known, although now that it’s later in the day the pieces are starting to fit together. According to Ohio State University police, the suspect drove his car into a group of people. That suspect got out of the car with a knife and started attacking people. Soon afterward, less than a minute after the attack began, an Ohio State officer came on the scene and shot the suspect. He was seen by witnesses removing a large knife from underneath the body.

You can see a photo of the car that the suspect was driving onto the curb below.


An OSU faculty member who spoke to NBC 4 Columbus told reporters that one of his colleagues was in the Watts Hall building at the time and was slashed in the leg with a machete.

Multiple reports indicate that a fire alarm was pulled at Watts Hall, and when everyone went outside, that’s when the shooting and the attack began. This isn’t yet confirmed, but it’s a narrative we’ve read in multiple places. Below is a screenshot of a text message conversation allegedly sent by a witness to the first incident.

OSU shooting text message

We’ve also read that just before the gunshots began, a whistle (like a referee whistle or something) was blown. That’s when shots were fired and people began to scatter. It’s possible the police officer was the one who blew the whistle.

An OSU senior, Anthony Falzarano, said he was in class at the time of the shooting. He told CNN that “We heard a lot of sirens. I was in class and everyone got a text message at the same time for the emergency alert. Someone said they heard popping right before we got the alert, but I didn’t hear it. We are in a shelter-in-place right now in the building next door. ”

Homeland security and other emergency vehicles have responded to the scene as of 10:30 A.M.


The photo below appears to be a person who’s shot on the ground. Whether they’re a victim or a suspect is still undetermined.

Students have barricaded themselves inside their classrooms with whatever’s available.

It’s now believed that the second suspect is holed up in the Lane Avenue garage, which is surrounded by police. SWAT Team is on standby and a bomb squad is on the scene.


Who’s Involved?

There are no names yet for those involved, although multiple sources are telling us that seven people have been taken to the hospital with injuries. Two have been reported as stable and there’s no word on the other five.

One faculty member says that his colleague was slashed by a machete as he tried to escape from Watts Hall in time.

Additionally, social media images (like the ones above) have been appearing to show one person shot on the ground outside Watts Hall.

It was then reported that a second active shooter was still on the loose. A perimeter was formed around much of Northern Campus.

Update: 11: 20 A.M.: Two people have been removed from the Lane Avenue Garage in handcuffs. It’s not yet known if this is a shooter or not.

Here’s a photo of the two men in custody.


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