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How Did Anyone Think This Holocaust-Themed Ice Dance Was A Good Idea?


In the most WTF video of the weekend, a pair of Russian ice skaters depicted holocaust victims in a bizarre ice dancing routine. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of outrage, you won’t have to search far because the internet is full of people ripping them to shreds.

Personally, I’m mostly just astounded that after someone pitched this idea aloud, somebody else replied, “That’s it!” And did nobody else, from the producers of the television show to the costume designers tasked with making the striped pajamas with stars of David on them, think that maybe people wouldn’t be exactly thrilled by something like this?

What’s made the video even more controversial is that the female skater is former Olympic figure skating champion Tatyana Navka, the wife of Vladimir Putin‘s chief spokesman Dmitry Peskov. It’s pretty unclear what message Navka and actor Andrey Burkovsky were trying to communicate, but the copious amounts of smiling throughout appears to trivialize the mass suffering of millions of people. 

So yes, this whole thing is just an abomination.

The only person who comes out of this looking good is Ryan Lochte. Congratulations to him on shedding the title of the biggest jackass to ever be on a celebrity dance competition.

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