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Lil Wayne Concert Cancellation Shrouded In Mystery

Getty Images for Coachella)

(Getty Images)

Kanye West isn’t the only rap superstar making headlines for mysteriously reneging on his concert commitments.

Lil Wayne was set to headline the SummerFall tonight in Curacao, but he bailed today. And the reason why remains unclear. Via TMZ’s report:

The one thing we know — Wayne won’t be performing. Wayne’s people will only tell TMZ he’s not showing up because of a “breach of contract.”

The people throwing the show claim they were told by Wayne’s crew the rapper had suffered a seizure Friday night in Miami. Wayne’s people deny this.

Hmmmmmm. Wayne has a lengthy history of seizures, with the most recent incident occurring in June when he had to emergency land an airplane in Omaha after suffering two seizures. So him having to cancel another concert is plausible. But if he had a seizure that would seemingly be a reasonable excuse, so the fact that Wayne’s people are denying it makes you think there’s something else going on here. Very fishy indeed.

Unlike Kanye’s fans, however, the Curacao folks who already purchased tickets will still be treated to a dope concert. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana, Fat Joe, Yo Gotti and more are still scheduled to perform.


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