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WATCH: Dez Bryant & Josh Norman Get Into Scuffle, Trash Talk Each Other In Interviews

newmancalipari39's YouTube

newmancalipari39’s YouTube

Emotions ran high between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman in last night’s NFC East Thanksgiving clash. I guess no one told them yesterday was all about people coming together through the bond of eating until they’re uncomfortably full. Norman was covering Bryant for most of the game, but things didn’t really get intense until Norman pulled this dirty move in the 4th quarter.

Real bush league stuff from Norman. After the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins 31-26 to extend their record to 10-1, Bryant and Norman got into a little postgame scuffle.

As entertaining as that was, the real fireworks came in the postgame interviews. Here’s Norman and Bryant ripping each other to shreds in the locker room.

Dez also dropped this gem on Twitter.

I gotta give Bryant the upper hand in this battle. He didn’t have a huge game, as he caught five balls for 72 yards, but he had the better burns and his team got the victory. The Cowboys and Redskins won’t meet again in the regular season, so we’ll have to hope for a playoff matchup. Nothing puts asses in seats like a bitter feud between a cornerback and a wide receiver.

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