WATCH: Australian Man Delivers Absolutely Hilarious News Interview

IWakeUpWithTODAY's YouTube

IWakeUpWithTODAY’s YouTube

An Australian man was called a hero after chasing down a hit-and-run driver and helping police make an arrest. To make matters even more badass, he did all of this while still in his undies. Watch his hilarious interview with Today below.

That was a news interview for the record books, as it had everything that I’m looking for in a viral clip. A legitimately cool story? Check. Humor? I nearly pissed my jocks. A first-rate accent? You’re goddamn right. Words of wisdom? Most definitely. “You look after your mates and your mates will always look after you.” I might honestly get that tatted over my heart. Truer words have never been spoken.

That guy is the f*cking man. He deserves a buttload of reward money and his own TV show ASAP. Or at the very least, he should get a party thrown in his honor by the greatest party planner of all-time, none other than Corey Worthington.

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