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Flashback Videos: Re-Enter The Chaotic Realm of South Park’s Black Friday Episodes



‘Member South Park back in 2013? ”Member their take on all this Black Friday madness? Oh, I ‘member, and you will too! I’ll take you back in time before we were even introduced to those annoyingly magical member berries. Back when the PS4 and XBox One were new items on the shelf, and we had no clue about the developing futuristic gizmos of the XBox One S or the PS4 Pro (as well as the rise of virtual reality gaming). In this Emmy nominated episode of South Park (and in the two later episodes of this three-part story arc), we witness the gruesomely hilarious representation of this dark day in our culture. For the sake of low-low prices, civilized people are willing to transform into an unruly mob that may even trample on others to get to those “insane” bargains (who’s insane really?). South Park represents this grim reality of life flawlessly. Stay right here and the memories of this awesome episode will flow back to your mind like member berry wine!

Now do you ‘member? Are the juice flowing back to your cranium with memories of South Park‘s past? Still don’t ‘member? Come on, it’s not that hard. Have you been to the mall lately? It’s strikingly apparent that Black Friday can bring out the beast in many of us. But this next clip exemplifies the true insanity of this yearly tradition. Seemingly normal people can devolve into ravenous wolves hungry for a sale. On Black Friday, shoppers go to war for super sweet deals. It’s for the keedz.

Back then, the boys of South Park were split between two opposing camps. One side was devoted to purchasing a PlayStation 4, while the other side preferred buying the XBox One. Friends have been torn apart in this console war; Stan is on the PS4 side, while his (former) best friend Kyle joins his rival Eric Cartman in their league of XBox One devotees. You can see for yourself right here:

Think that the madness of Black Friday mixed with the allure of PS4 and XBox One is causing chaos in that clip? You should see the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates duke it out with Sony President & CEO Kaz Hirai. But warning, this clip is only intended for people who are 18 years of age or older. This video contains graphic cartoon violence. The only kids allowed to watch this fight were the (unfortunate) young boys of South Park, who had to bare witness to this horrific battle to the death. Watch it here (for adult eyes only):

Insane, right? It’s hard to forget the craziness that this day brings.  This yearly consumer ritual brings us hordes of rowdy shoppers looking for great deals on TV sets and video games consoles (and plenty more), literally clawing and pushing their way to the best bargains out there. Black Friday is a day when crazed consumers go wild in the malls and shopping centers. What madness! Good thing we have South Park and those wonderful member berries to chase away the pains of the day:

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