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WATCH: Best Black Friday Fight Videos 2016


Black Friday Fight Videos 2016

Big box retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target have recently¬†tried offering online Black Friday sales to their customers to try and keep things somewhat civil in their stores, but if you think that’s going to keep Americans from pummeling the crap out each other over a $5 toaster oven, you don’t know Americans. Black Friday brawls are as traditional as turkey dinners with stuffing, or drinking with blacking out with¬†high school friends–some things just aren’t ever going to change.

Do these people not have the internet or do they genuinely enjoy being packed into places like Walmart with other Walmart shoppers? Honestly, I don’t care. I’m just thankful that these Black Friday fights exist so that my day of publishing content on a full stomach and red wine hangover become a lot easier.

Update–11/28/2016: We’re checking in with Black Friday fights from Houston, Bainbridge, Modesto, and more.

Walmart Fight In Houston, TX

Bainbridge, GA Black Friday Insanity

Blankets are comfortable and everything, but are they really worth all this?

Black Friday Fight Over Toilet Paper

In case you couldn’t tell from the caption in the tweet, or from the title underneath, yes, this is a Black Friday fight over toilet paper. To me, this just confirms that people are just fighting and arguing over stuff on Black Friday just to say that they’ve done it.

Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto, CA

This is probably the best Black Friday fight we’ve seen in 2016. Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed what started the fight, it did break out near the JC Penny.

Nike Factory Store In Washington

Although this isn’t a Black Friday fight per se, this is definitely 100% worth including in this post, because the Nike Factory store in Tulalip, Washington looked like the scene of a war zone.

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