While Scientists Figure Out How To Prevent Selfie-Related Deaths, Here Are Our Top 10 Deadliest Selfies

Some people can be totally insane when it comes to selfies and it can be very dangerous. Selfies can even be deadly (literally speaking). More and more people are succumbing to a selfie-related death each year. As a result of this deadly streak of photographic disarray, modern science is working out ways to prevent these deaths by selfie.

Only eight months into 2016 there had already been 73 reported selfie-related fatalities. This number is a lot more than the previous year, during which only 39 selfie-induced deaths were recorded in 2015. And 73 selfie-related deaths is much more than the amount of selfie deaths in 2014, in which only 15 people reportedly died from the consequences of foolish snapping.

So many people are dying from selfies that it is starting to get ridiculous (even more so than it already is). These alarming deaths have caused PhD student Hemank Lamba to work on an app that will help warn people if and when they are taking a photo someplace dangerous. According to the Technology Review, he will be joined by a team at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to work out this increasingly important app.

Lamba looked at all 127 cases in which people have died while attempting a selfie. India appears to be the country most plagued with selfie-related deaths, as they accounted for 73 of the 127 recorded incidents. Meanwhile, Pakistan totaled nine selfie-caused fatalities, while the US has eight selfie-enthusiasts dead so far, and Russia has suffered six loss of life instances when it comes to selfies.

According to these cases, most people died from falling great distances, such as a person trying to capture a selfie atop a tall building or at the edge of a cliff. Other deaths involve a combination of height and water. Some call this natural selection, others just call this stupid!

But selfie-related deaths varied from country-to-country. In Russia and the United States, selfie deaths were more correlated with posing with weapons, such as taking a picture with a pistol and it going off in your hand. One man in the state of Washington ended up fatally shooting himself in the face while attempting a selfie. Meanwhile, in India, more than half of the selfie-deaths relate to someone posing next to train tracks. I’m sure you can guess that they didn’t see the train coming! Ironically, to them, posing by the train tracks is a symbol of long-lasting relationships (but perhaps, not a long-lasting life!).

As a result of this madness, Lamba and his team are concocting a “selfie warning system” app. This will include data of where people have actually hurt themselves in epically fatal selfie fails. He is also thinking about developing an algorithm that can analyze these dangerous selfies on social media sites.

In Mumbai, India, selfie-related deaths have become such a public concern that there are currently 16 “no selfie” zones in place. Hopefully, this can prevent people from being foolish. Sadly, I doubt it.

Scared of selfies, yet? Well, after reading all of this, you should at least be weary of the next place you decide to snap a selfie. Below is a gallery of some of the most dangerous selfies ever taken.

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